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Symptoms of sun poisoning

The signs and symptoms of sun poisoning can vary a bit depending on what type of sun poisoning you have. Most people who get this condition simply have a severe form of sunburn (that’s right, you haven’t actually been “poisoned” by the sun!). If this is the case, your symptoms will probably be mild to moderate and may include redness and blistering of your skin in the affected areas along with some pain, tingling or swelling. You may also experience symptoms which are body-wide and not confined to the surface of your skin. For example, you could have a headache, or you may get a fever or chills. Nausea, dizziness, and dehydration can also occur.

There is another type that called polymorphous light eruption (PMLE). PMLE is less common than severe sunburn but common enough to affect 1 in every 10 Americans. PMLE is more common in women than it is in men and can affect people of all ages. It can be hereditary in Native Americans, but usually it is the result of sudden relocation from one climate which is less sunny to another which is sunnier. If you have PMLE you could develop a skin rash which consists of hives on the arms, lower legs and chest, or small bumps or dense clusters of bumps anywhere on your body. Other skin symptoms may include redness, burning, or itching in the area of the sunburn. Other symptoms which may also present themselves include fatigue, nausea, chills or headache.

The least common form is solar urticaria (sun allergy). This allergy can cause itching, redness, blisters or wheals on the skin, and may also result in wheezing, dizziness or faintness. In extreme causes, it is possible to lose consciousness.

Usually the symptoms of sun poisoning are mild in nature and may cause you mild or moderate discomfort for a few days or a couple of weeks before subsiding, largely on their own. If you develop these symptoms, in most cases you can recover on your own simply by getting out of the sun, drinking extra fluids for a few days, and taking a cool bath or shower or using cool compresses.

If you experience a very painful sunburn which covers a large section of your body or blisters, you should seek medical attention. If you suffer fever or chills or swelling in your face, that is another cause to visit a hospital. Severe dehydration, headache, confusion, faintness, and upset stomach are other concerning signs. None of these signs necessarily mean that you need hospitalization, but they do indicate you should visit a doctor and see what’s going on. Be reassured however that the prognosis is good and that you will probably be feeling better in a few days or a couple of weeks. PMLE and sun allergy can both go away completely over the long term either on their own or with treatment. A doctor can help you figure out the best treatment measures to take.

Papaya Benefit to Lower Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world, it is believed can lowered the risk by grape only but other researchers consider that papaya benefit also to reduce the risk of heart disease.

A new study conducted by a group of students from the University of Karachi in Nigeria, they has been investigating the health benefits of papaya deeply and found some facts about this tropical fruit, including its use in reducing the probability of heart attacks and diabetes control.

During the study, two students majoring in Agriculture and Agribusiness from University of Karachi, Naseem Mariam and Muhammad Kamran Nasir discover many advantages of papaya seed.

Naseem explains that papaya seed can protect the kidney because it contains flavonoids and phenotic, which provides prevention of disease germs that attack the kidney. According to data of his research the seed can protect infection and also be used to cleanse the intestines of insect, and based on observations in his country Nigeria as much as 76.7% of children in there get rid of bacteria in the intestines by drinking juice papaya seed consecutive in seven days.

He is also add, Japanese people also believe that heart can be protected from disease by drinking a teaspoon of seed juice because it has a special compound that can help prevent oxidation of cholesterol in body and stop the formation of tumors. When cholesterol becomes oxidized it may stick to the walls of blood vessels, causing plaque that can cause heart attacks and stroke.

While other researchers, Nasir said that papaya contains large amounts of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, thiamin, and magnesium. Nasir noted that the enzyme papain in it can help someone from indigestion and stomach problems, while another chemical containing like carpain also helps the healing process some kind of disease. In addition, he found on research this fruit also very useful to control or stops diabetes by reducing blood sugar level.

Nasir asserted that cancer can be eradicated through the daily intake of papaya. According to him, it contain chemical like lycopene that play in role to prevent cancer.

Consume this fruit every day can help reduce weight because the enzymes in it break down proteins better and eliminate excess flesh. It is recommended for patients with hypertension to enter papaya in their daily diet because it is also reduces the risk of heart attack, said Nasir.

Nasir believed that Vitamin A in papaya not only can help improve eyesight vision but also improve fertility in both men and women, because it can stimulate spending and ovaries of female hormones.

“Papaya is also able to eliminate complaints of nausea and constipation as well as protecting you from the formation of diseases caused by smoking,” he added.

In addition to the above, there are many more benefits of papaya, such as:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Helps the digestive system and support the production of digestive enzymes
  • Revitalize body and helps to maintain energy and vitality
  • Encourage renewal of muscle tissue
  • Accelerate wound healing in the skin and relieve inflammation
  • Prevent the formation of cataracts in eye
  • Reduce the risk of emphysema in active and passive smokers