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Came Into Contact With Poison Ivy

If you know what poison ivy is then you would know how awful it might be to be in contact with this bother of a plant. If one was to really come into contact with the poison ivy and you didn’t know that you did, you would likely not find out till twenty 4 to 48 hours after you came in touch with it. This is as that is when the 1st set of symptoms would sometimes start to begin to show up. Most ordinarily, you’ll find the shrub in wooded areas that receive almost no daylight. But do not worry as there are ways to minimize the effects and cure the poison ivy.

The less exposed skin, the less room for possible exposure. Dress to guard If you know that you’ll be passing time outside try to cover exposed skin by wearing pants and long sleeved shirts, and so on. What you’ll need There isn’t such a thing as a person who isn’t at the mercy of the unpleasant aftermath of poison ivy. Wash, Wash, Wash Even if you do not believe you have rubbed against the plant, it never injures to bathe your exposed skin comprehensively with soapy water. Every part of this plant, including the roots, contain oils that will cause skin rash and can be perilous if they get into the eyes or are breathed. Better safe than sorrowful is always the rule.

Prior to starting, have the following items : A closely woven long sleeve shirt with a collar that may be buttoned high round the neck. Urushiol oil is found in every part of the poison ivy plant including the leaves, berries, and stems. There are several treatments you can use at anytime to find release from the poison ivy rash. You may develop a rash from touching an object that came into contact with the plant. Exposure to smoke from any burning plants may also cause an internal rash, and grim internal damage. Some harsh symptoms may include engorgement of the eyes or face or if the rash starts to cover a bigger section of the skin. To be in a position to avoid further issues, see a dermatological doctor concerning harsh side-effects. Occasionally folks know that they just came into contact with this perilous plant. If this happens to you do not permit your hands to touch the influenced area and quickly get to a place where you can wash with soapy water.

Healthy Nachos Recipe

Henry has become so active and mobile lately that it’s making multitasking slightly more difficult. However, he loves to crawl around the kitchen so when I’m trying to make dinner or bake some muffins, I’ll just set him down with a few toys and let him go crazy.

He loves to watch his furry brothers from the window or through the gate and is interested in every door I open (e.g. fridge, pantry, cabinet, oven(!!), dishwasher…). It’s hilarious to hear him shuffling behind me when I move from one thing to another, trying to get his hands on something before I shut the door.

If I can’t put him on the floor, I’ll set him in his high chair with a snack…can you think of any food that brings you as much joy as strawberries do for Henry??

The other afternoon, Henry and I spent a good deal of time playing outside on a blanket. My child was surrounded by toys, but the only thing he was really interested in was pulling clumps of grass out of the ground and making a pile of them on the blanket…such a boy.

Yesterday we tried out the childcare at our local YMCA for the first time…that was an epic failure. Did I mention Henry is in full blown “mommy mode”? If it wasn’t such an awful, heartbreaking sound it would almost be impressive how much noise can come out of such a small person and how dedicated he is to screaming until I pick him up. The sweet women at the Y gave it their best shot, but he simply refused to be pacified. I was able to get in about 15 minutes of treadmill sprints before they grabbed me, which was better than nothing! So I grabbed the Ergobaby carrier from the car and we walked around the track for 45 minutes instead.

“Healthy” Nachos

I had been craving nachos for several days, so last night we had a healthified version! (Yes, healthified is a word…..) I replaced the chips with sliced sweet potato, topped that with an assortment of roasted veggies, shredded chicken, and cheese. Then topped it all with low cal guacamole, greek yogurt, and/or salsa. It was DELICIOUS! I already want it again.

Here’s a more detailed description:

Sweet Potato Nachos


  • 1 large sweet potato, sliced
  • ½ head of cauliflower, cut into florets
  • 3 medium carrots, cut into thin 2” pieces
  • ½ green pepper, sliced
  • ½ red pepper, sliced
  • 1/3 onion, sliced
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 2 tbsp BBQ sauce
  • Shredded cheese
  • Optional Toppings – salsa, guacamole, greek yogurt, beans, olives, etc.


Earlier in the day, I baked two chicken breasts at 350F for 30 min. I shredded the chicken, mixed in some BBQ sauce, and stored in the refrigerator. I also cut up and combined all vegetables ahead of time during one of Henry’s naps. When ready to prepare, preheat oven to 425F. Spray two sheets with oil. Scatter mixed veggies on one and spread the sweet potato slices evenly on the other. Lightly spray (or drizzle) over both with oil again. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste and place both sheets in oven for ~30-40 min. Once roasted to desired consistency, spread veggies over potatoes, sprinkle cheese over top, scatter shredded chicken, and place back in oven. Remove once cheese melts (~3-5 min). Dish out nachos and serve with desired toppings. Enjoy!

Mommy Moment: “Baby Hair”

Motherhood is a funny thing: it can literally make your heart swell out of your chest with unreasonable, unbridled joy while at the same time feel like it is being wrung out like a damp towel by fear of the unknown. I can be exhausted and full of energy, all at once. I can know exactly what my little boy needs one day and not a clue the next. You think you know what it will be like beforehand, but you truly have no idea. The way you look at your body, view the world, interpret TV commercials, define a “Friday Night”…it changes the instant that baby is handed to you. It seems like every day I’m either amazed, confused, frustrated, or strengthened by something that was impacted by the birth of my son (sometimes all at once!). So I figured I would talk about a few of them in a blog post series called “Mommy Moments”.

I will start today’s Mommy Moment by posing a simple question…

What is going on with my hair?!

These “horns”, for lack of a better word, are just plain ridiculous!

Before I was pregnant, I assumed the term “baby hair” referred to the innocent wispy hairs around your face that everyone has or to someone who has very fine hair. You know, like a baby.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that a woman told me, “Oh no, its named after the little hairs a woman gets after having a baby.” I blew the notion off until recently…holy hairs! They are out of control! I naturally have very thick hair, so the typical hair loss a woman experiences after having a baby was taken to DEFCON levels for me. That was finally slowing down and now I’m hit with my own personal set of wings…?! Not cool, Universe. Not cool. They literally have a mind of their own. I can’t flat iron them, I can’t hairspray them flat. And most devastating…they only get worse when I pull my hair up. Does this mean that I will actually be forced into styling my hair?! Cue tears now.

Exercising at the “Right” Time

We all have our personal preferences regarding the best time to exercise. You have no choice but to do what you know is right for your body and yourself no matter what plans life may have for us. Have you ever experienced this, it is ok we will explain it further. You should feel comfortable about working out any time of day.

Sometimes the only time there is to work out is the morning. However, if you just start doing it what you will discover is your body will make the adjustment. Your body will reset its own clock, and when that happens you will “feel” fine with a hard work-out in the morning. The rest of this article will have more great points.

You have to do what your schedule allows even if that means first thing in the morning. You may just have to help your body out even if it seems adjusted. The easiest way to do this is by warming up properly and thoroughly. When your routine begins in the morning it’s important to prepare your muscles by warming them up before you dive into a workout. This alone can put you at a higher risk for injury if you aren’t careful to warm up. Before you get into a hard workout do all that you can to limber up your muscles to avoid injury.

If you choose to engage in your fitness activity during lunch, or maybe a mid-afternoon break, then be aware of the environment. Research has proven that lungs function at less than optimum around lunch time. Power walks along busy streets put you in less than an ideal environment for aerobic activity. At least this is better than sitting stagnant all the time. The hot summer months make it even more necessary to protect yourself whenever possible. Be sure to stay hydrated at all times to help out your lungs and overall body.

There is a body of evidence, though debated perhaps, that suggests the evening as the best time to exercise. This is in regards to the best time to exercise as determined by your body’s functions. The best time for exercising scientifically is the evenings. This theory is at odds with many people and their schedules. It is more important according to many professionals, to pick a time when you can remain dedicated to your fitness routine. The scientific view tends to get overridden because people do have more success when they exercise at a time that doesn’t interfere with their lives. So if you can only fit in a workout before 6 PM, then that is the time that’s best for you. This sounds like good common sense.

There are some who disagree with morning workouts and others still who disagree with evenings. Your clock will adjust to whatever you decide on.

Fan Coil Unit Programmable Thermostat

Purchasing a fan coil unit programmable thermostat may not be the easiest decision you have had to make. Granted there are many issues and details you need to figure out before making any purchase decision in a hurry. The best way of course to convince yourself that a fan coil unit programmable thermostat is the ideal system for you is to check the World Wide Web. There is a glut of information that is available which are sure to convince you one way of the other that it is these types of thermostats that are the right kind for your lifestyle.

Please do note that when you do search for information in cyberspace with regard to a fan coil unit programmable thermostat that you know where exactly to look. You see there are certain product pages where reviews are written by the manufacturers themselves. So this is hardly unbiased or neutral in terms of a perspective. Having said this make sure that you understand that getting the ideal fan coil unit programmable thermostat is a neutral affair. What you can do is to join a few discussion boards or forums which offer a chance to actually talk to other consumers.

This is one way of knowing what exactly you need to know when it comes to a fan coil unit programmable thermostat. You will be able to find out if there are any teething problems, how much the installation charges should be, what warranties to expect and which brands really are the best. After all what you do need is a fan coil unit programmable thermostat that is bother user friendly, trustworthy and reliable. What better option than to get all the real information you need from users who have firsthand experience themselves?

Having made the decision you want when it comes to buying a fan coil unit programmable thermostat, make sure you know what web site is the best in terms of e-commerce functionality.

Finally, the best critic when it comes to products would be you. First and foremost you need to be convinced of what you are buying before you part with your hard earned cash. Take that piece of advice and make the proper choice when it comes to buying a thermostat. Another thing that you can do is probably to get down a few brochures or catalogues which are sure to help you when it comes to all those details you are yearning to know.